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    Post Current list of every tailoring recipe

    Cloth Scraps
    Bolt of Fabric
    Braided Rope
    Twisted Rope
    Cloth Strap
    Cloth Tarp

    Novice's Cloth Helm
    Apprentice's Cloth Helm
    Craftsman's Cloth Helm
    Artisan's Cloth Helm
    Adept's Cloth Helm
    Mentor's Cloth Helm
    Master's Cloth Helm
    GrandMaster's Cloth Helm

    -=South Camp Set=-
    South Camp Shin Guards
    South Camp Priest Robe
    South Camp Elbow Pads
    South Camp Cowboy Boots
    South Camp Forearm Guard
    South Camp Gloves
    South Camp Cowboy Hat
    South Camp Knee Pads
    South Camp Shoulder Pad
    South Camp Thigh Guards
    South Camp Arm Guard
    South Camp Belt
    South Camp Bandana

    -=Dawgot Set=-
    Dawgot Baggy Gaiters
    Dawgot Half Shirt
    Dawgot Elbow Pads
    Dawgot Steel Toe Boots
    Dawgot Attack Bracers
    Dawgot Gloves
    Dawgot Coyote Mask
    Dawgot Knee Pads
    Dawgot Shoulder Pads
    Dawgot Breeches
    Dawgot Arm Bands
    Dawgot Coyote Belt
    Dawgot Scarf

    -=Rubicon Set=-
    Rubicon Shin Guards
    Rubicon Gambeson
    Rubicon Elbow Pad
    Rubicon Hiking Boots
    Rubicon Bracer Band
    Rubicon Gloves
    Rubicon Goalie Mask
    Rubicon Knee Pads
    Rubicon Shoulder Pads
    Rubicon Breeches
    Rubicon Spaulders
    Rubicon Loin Guard
    Rubicon Gorget

    -=Mugawlu Set=-
    Mugawlu Greaves
    Mugawlu Jacket
    Mugawlu Elbow Pads
    Mugawlu Hiking Boots
    Mugawlu Bracers
    Mugawlu Gloves
    Mugawlu Cap
    Mugawlu Knee Skulls
    Mugawlu Spaulders
    Mugawlu Britches
    Mugawlu Armbands
    Mugawlu Cinculum
    Mugawlu Neckerchief

    -=Truckee Set=-
    Truckee Gaiters
    Truckee Gambeson
    Truckee Elbow Pads
    Truckee Boots
    Truckee Bracers
    Truckee Gloves
    Truckee Helmet
    Truckee Knee Pads
    Truckee Shoulder Pads
    Truckee Cuisses
    Truckee Spaulders
    Truckee Loin Guard
    Truckee Gorget

    -=Yuba Set=-
    Yuba Gators
    Yuba Vest
    Yuba Elbow Pads
    Yuba Claw Boots
    Yuba Bracers
    Yuba Gloves
    Yuba Headdress
    Yuba Knee Bands
    Yuba Spaulders
    Yuba Chausses
    Yuba Armbands
    Yuba Pteruges
    Yuba Gorget

    -=Ringmaster Set=-
    Ringmaster Gaiters
    Ringmaster Vest
    Ringmaster Elbow Pads
    Ringmaster Boots
    Ringmaster Bracers
    Ringmaster Gloves
    Ringmaster Top Hat Helm
    Ringmaster Knee Pads
    Ringmaster Spaulders
    Ringmaster Thigh Guards
    Ringmaster Armbands
    Ringmaster Sporran
    Ringmaster Gorget

    -=Freel Set=-
    Freel Shin Guards
    Freel Smoking Jacket
    Freel Elbow Bands
    Freel Clompers
    Freel Forearm Guards
    Freel Gloves
    Freel Birdman Helmet
    Freel Knee Bands
    Freel Birdman Spaulders
    Freel Thigh Pad
    Freel Armbands
    Freel Longhorn Belt
    Freel Collar

    Currently 149 tailoring recipes.
    Recipe Lists
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    Ingame name: Viert

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    Amazing :P dammit i finish leather first ( more later i try make all item because like to see fit on model and mats to supply wiki )

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    Hmmm....odd thing.........I have a "Magoyota Helm" pattern, and message I get is it takes 70 in leathercrafting.

    I also have a "Dawgot Shoulder Pads", that says it takes 60 in leathercrafting

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    I have Aloha Set in Leathercrafting.

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    Thanks for the info I will move them to the correct section now
    Because of the way the devs have labeled the items its hard to tell where some items belong for example fishing rods are labeled as weapons.
    Recipe Lists
    Need to know a recipe? :click here!::WIKI:
    Ingame name: Viert

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    I for one want to thank you for the work you've done in getting us these pattern names. I only mentioned it, because it could be a mistake in game with the message. It may be a tailor pattern, but programmer may have accidently put leathercraft in the message. As I've not concentrated on any of the skills to get high enough to see requirements resource wise...I have no idea, where the mistake is.

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    South Camp Set is for leathercrafting

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    the above two posters are correct,
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