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    Post Current list of every Bonecraft recipe

    -=Hugaleti Set=-
    Hugaleti Bearbone Greaves
    Hugaleti Bearbone Chestplate
    Hugaleti Bearbone Couter
    Hugaleti Bearbone Boots
    Hugaleti Bearbone Vambrace
    Hugaleti Bearbone Gauntlets
    Hugaleti Bearbone Helm
    Hugaleti Bearbone Poleyn
    Hugaleti Bearbone Pauldrons
    Hugaleti Bearbone Cuisse
    Hugaleti Bearbone Rerebrace
    Hugaleti Bearbone Hip Guard
    Hugaleti Bearbone Necklace

    -=Welmeti Set=-
    Welmeti Deerbone Greaves
    Welmeti Deerbone Chestplate
    Welmeti Deerbone Couter
    Welmeti Deerbone Boots
    Welmeti Deerbone Vambrace
    Welmeti Deerbone Gauntlets
    Welmeti Deerbone Helm
    Welmeti Deerbone Poleyn
    Welmeti Deerbone Pauldrons
    Welmeti Deerbone Cuisse
    Welmeti Deerbone Rerebrace
    Welmeti Deerbone Cod Piece
    Welmeti Deerbone Necklace

    -=Crag Set=-
    Crag Deathbone Greaves
    Crag Deathbone Chestplate
    Crag Deathbone Couter
    Crag Deathbone Boots
    Crag Deathbone Vambrace
    Crag Deathbone Gauntlets
    Crag Deathbone Helm
    Crag Deathbone Poleyn
    Crag Deathbone Pauldrons
    Crag Deathbone Cuisse
    Crag Deathbone Rerebrace
    Crag Deathbone Hip Guard
    Crag Deathbone Necklace

    -=Pauwalu Set=-
    Pauwalu Bearbone Greaves
    Pauwalu Bearbone Chestplate
    Pauwalu Bearbone Couter
    Pauwalu Bearbone Boots
    Pauwalu Bearbone Vambrace
    Pauwalu Bearbone Gauntlets
    Pauwalu Bearbone Helm
    Pauwalu Bearbone Poleyn
    Pauwalu Bearbone Pauldrons
    Pauwalu Bearbone Cuisse
    Pauwalu Bearbone Rerebrace
    Pauwalu Bearbone Hip Guard
    Pauwalu Bearbone Necklace

    -=Washoe Set=-
    Washoe Deerbone Greaves
    Washoe Deerbone Chestplate
    Washoe Deerbone Couter
    Washoe Deerbone Boots
    Washoe Deerbone Vambrace
    Washoe Deerbone Gauntlets
    Washoe Deerbone Helm
    Washoe Deerbone Poleyn
    Washoe Deerbone Pauldrons
    Washoe Deerbone Cuisse
    Washoe Deerbone Rerebrace
    Washoe Deerbone Hip Guard
    Washoe Deerbone Necklace

    -=Ponderosa Set=-
    Ponderosa Deathbone Greaves
    Ponderosa Deathbone Chestplate
    Ponderosa Deathbone Couter
    Ponderosa Deathbone Boots
    Ponderosa Deathbone Vambrace
    Ponderosa Deathbone Gauntlets
    Ponderosa Deathbone Helm
    Ponderosa Deathbone Poleyn
    Ponderosa Deathbone Pauldrons
    Ponderosa Deathbone Cuisse
    Ponderosa Deathbone Rerebrace
    Ponderosa Deathbone Belt
    Ponderosa Deathbone Necklace

    -=Zephyr Set=-
    Zephyr Deerbone Greaves
    Zephyr Deerbone Chestplate
    Zephyr Deerbone Couter
    Zephyr Deerbone Boots
    Zephyr Deerbone Vambrace
    Zephyr Deerbone Gauntlets
    Zephyr Deerbone Helm
    Zephyr Deerbone Poleyn
    Zephyr Deerbone Pauldrons
    Zephyr Deerbone Cuisse
    Zephyr Deerbone Rerebrace
    Zephyr Deerbone Hip Guard
    Zephyr Deerbone Necklace

    -=Hellhole Set=-
    Hellhole Deathbone Greaves
    Hellhole Deathbone Chestplate
    Hellhole Deathbone Couter
    Hellhole Deathbone Loafers
    Hellhole Deathbone Vambrace
    Hellhole Deathbone Gauntlets
    Hellhole Deathbone Helm
    Hellhole Deathbone Poleyn
    Hellhole Deathbone Pauldrons
    Hellhole Deathbone Cuisse
    Hellhole Deathbone Rerebrace
    Hellhole Deathbone Belt
    Hellhole Deathbone Necklace

    -=Carson Set=-
    Carson Deerbone Greaves
    Carson Deerbone Chestplate
    Carson Deerbone Couter
    Carson Deerbone Loafers
    Carson Deerbone Vambrace
    Carson Deerbone Gauntlets
    Carson Deerbone Helm
    Carson Deerbone Poleyn
    Carson Deerbone Pauldrons
    Carson Deerbone Cuisse
    Carson Deerbone Rerebrace
    Carson Deerbone Belt
    Carson Deerbone Necklace

    -=Tallac Set=-
    Tallac Bearbone Greaves
    Tallac Bearbone Chestplate
    Tallac Bearbone Couter
    Tallac Bearbone Boots
    Tallac Bearbone Vambrace
    Tallac Bearbone Gauntlets
    Tallac Bearbone Helm
    Tallac Bearbone Poleyn
    Tallac Bearbone Pauldrons
    Tallac Bearbone Cuisse
    Tallac Bearbone Rerebrace
    Tallac Bearbone Hip Guard
    Tallac Bearbone Necklace

    Novice's Bone Helm
    Apprentice's Bone Helm
    Craftsman's Bone Helm
    Artisan's Bone Helm
    Adept's Bone Helm
    Mentor's Bone Helm
    Master's Bone Helm
    GrandMaster's Bone Helm

    Currently 138 recipes.
    Recipe Lists
    Need to know a recipe? :click here!::WIKI:
    Ingame name: Viert

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    Well done and ty for the list.

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Won't this list change with implementation of new creatures ? One set per animal sounds more relevant !

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    well it looks like i'll have plenty of bones to keep me busy once the game starts rollin. in the meantime, does anyone have ideas on what these receipes require? even a general idea such as nails, etc?

    i have a funny feeling i'm going to need some extra knives. 2 for the bear and 1 for the hunter creeping up behind me while i'm trying to kill a bear.

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    Snickle, metal screws for a lot of the bone armors.. in groups of 1, 5 or most usually 10 depending on the armor. Also will want to keep a supply of leather hides and a decent set of tools, since I seem to remember a lot of the recipes need 3 or 4 tools (needle, awl, punch, shears/scissors, pliers, craft knife, think hammer was in there as well)

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    a ritzy section of palm coast FLA
    well i know we have tool crafters nearby. not sure about in our small tribe. so far i've counted about 4-5 tribes in the general 780 zone area and surrounding zones. about 40 people total and thankfully on the same side or nuetral. should be a since to get tools and trade. well....once the damn game starts lol. i'm sure it will be up in 2 hours or so, right? right. roll dem bones...

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