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    What about a client and manual translation?

    It could be interesting if the game (client and manual not server) should be translated in different language.

    I'm, obviously, interested to Italian translation

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    anyone who wishes to translate the manual into other languages would be more then welcome to do so

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    Ok, I could.... but there is a system to translate also the client by using some xml files or something else?

    I'll download the manual and try a translation

    EDIT: to make it easier is possible to get by email the .doc version of the manual? to preserve the same text, spaces and so on.

    Thank you.

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    I'll talk to the create, I'm sure it will be

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    There is no .doc version of the manual
    There is the high level design of a gameplay mechanic. Then there is what everyone does in spite of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diocletian View Post
    There is no .doc version of the manual
    Ok, I'll adaptate the original pdf.

    I'll send to xsyon soon.

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    I'm at half of the translation. Maybe tomorrow the Italian version of the manual will be ready... but there is a change to translate also the client?

    see ya

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    EDIT: Due lag of the forum server I've post twice, sorry.

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    Finally I've completed the translation of the manual.

    I've sent to Xsyon, I hope to see it soon togheter with the international version.

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