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    Progressive Skill Effectiveness?

    Hello Xsyon community and developers. I have a question to ask regarding skill progression and increase in effectiveness. This is something that bothered me and many people I know in games like Darkfall Online.

    Any answers or help would be greatly appreciated. Here goes...

    As a skill progresses (levels up, increases etc) is get more effective, this much we can assume. My question is in regards to the manner in which progressing a skill increases its effectiveness and whether this is a linear scale?

    In darkfall online there were major issues with new player being unable to compete with advanced characters AT ALL despite the game being advertised as player skill based.

    This was mostly because of the way skills gained effectiveness as they leveled. Instead of most of the player's effectiveness being gained early on, and veteran characters with higher skills simply have and "edge" over others, Most of the effectiveness of skills came about at the later stages (75+) when players were able to get weapon masteries and advanced magic schools.

    This resulted in new players bing forced to "grind" skills to a high level before they really began to become effective. Thus making it extremely difficult to the point of impossible for a new player to beat a vet, even if they are a much better player, simply because they dont have their skills up to the point where they begin to become effective.

    Basically my question to you Xsyon is; How is the effectiveness increase of raising a skill effected by what level the skill is at?

    I am basing this question on the assumtion that skills take longer to raise the higher they are, with a basic experience curve.

    Its a pretty complicated (but extremely important) question so ill lay it out in three examples.

    NOTE: these are just examples to get an idea how it will work, all numbers are completely fictional and there for exemplary purposes, figures have also been exaggerated quite a bit to clarify.


    Example A: I go from level 10-15 in sword skill and gain 3 damage per hit (AVG.) and I go from level 95-100 in sword skill and skill gain 3 damage per hit (AVG.)


    Example B: I go from level 10-15 in sword skill and gain 2 damage per hit (AVG.) and I go from level 95-100 in sword skill and skill gain 5 damage per hit (AVG.)


    Example C: I go from level 10-15 in sword skill and gain 5 damage per hit (AVG.) and I go from level 95-100 in sword skill and skill gain 2 damage per hit (AVG.)


    Example A is an average linear system, it isnt bad but it doesnt help new players catch up in effectiveness and still gives too much of an advantage to player who can dedicate huge amounts time instead of just giving them and edge over other players.

    Example B is a Darkfallesque system it gives greater rewards to players who are already at an advantage thus making it difficult for new players to catch up in effectiveness and making them feel like they must "grind" skills to be competitive.

    Example C is my preferred system it still gives veteran player an edge over the competition and rewards dedication, but it allows new players to become competitive sooner and makes "grinding" less necessary.

    Any information or clarification would be VERY appreicated.

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    Re:Progressive Skill Effectiveness?

    Either option seem possible, but do agree that example B is by far the best system and decrease the gap between the lower level players and higher level player. However this would also mean it easier to become pretty decent at everything. (Jack of all trades )

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    Re:Progressive Skill Effectiveness?

    Dont you mean C?

    And no it actually wouldn't mean that its easier to become a Jack of all trades, because as Xsyon has said the game will feature a softcap as well as the skill decay system, this means the more skills a player progresses the slower they will raise (this is then countered by the skill decay) therefore a player who tries to be a jack of all trades will have a hard time developing their character.

    However, I must stress that this question has little to nothing to do with Skill gain rates, Softcaps, Skill decays or anything like that. This question is about how much more effective a skill gets when raised depending on how high it is.

    Which for many people, whether they realise it or not, will be a very important issue.

    The Darkfall forums are plagued with people complaining that veteran player have way too much of an advantage because skills get way more effective when you have them up very high (or gain access to mastery skills, as the case may be).

    That is just something I hope the devs have thought about and something I hope his game avoids.

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    Re:Progressive Skill Effectiveness?

    Quick answer: The system is most like your example C.

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    Re:Progressive Skill Effectiveness?

    Xsyon wrote:
    Quick answer: The system is most like your example C.
    Very good to hear! Just the type of system that i think most would agree is the best fit (or closest).

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    Re:Progressive Skill Effectiveness?

    Yes thankyou for your answer Xsyon, that puts many of my fears to rest. I am very happy that is the direction you are going in with the skill progression in the game, and forsee it being a very good thing in the future as the game progresses and new players join a after launch.

    Gosh I love having devs that answer question it os so refreshing and it is one of the main things people I have spoken to have been impressed with.

    I really hope you keep it up after launch too.

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