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    Will it work on a Mac?

    Title says it

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    Re:Will it work on a Mac?

    Sorry, there will be no Mac support.

    Maybe it will run in windows on a Mac but this will not be supported.

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    Re:Will it work on a Mac?

    Don't buy a Mac and expect to play many games on it... :dry:

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    Re:Will it work on a Mac?

    I thought the same thing

    Question to the OP, going to convert to PC to play?

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    Re:Will it work on a Mac?

    to Teo: Since I've been using Macs for 26 years, probably not

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    Re:Will it work on a Mac?

    It will most likely run under bootcamp, but at that point you really have a windows computer with some weird hardware and drivers for a windows computer anyways. hmy:

    As for native support on OS X all signs point to no. But that does not exclude the possibility of it running on OS X via, for example WINE. But this will be at your own risk.
    There is the high level design of a gameplay mechanic. Then there is what everyone does in spite of it.

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