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Thread: Moving Water

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    Moving Water

    I have never played a game with terraforming, besides simcity, so I am not sure how the physics work but will it be possible to move water as well.

    the reason I ask is because with the ability dig then wouldn't it be possible to create lakes and divert rivers? Of course this is all dependent on who the water in this works.

    I just thought it might be cool if we could build moats around the tribes village.

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    Re: Moving Water

    Thats what i asked , But dont think i got an answer.... , Be cool if the water had a volumetric system so you could drain the lake

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    Re:Moving Water

    Would be win if you could have a pack horse full of water and then bring it to a hole and fill it. But I hope the water won't stay there forever (if you don't take it out yourself) but it actually vaporises and you have to refill it every once in a while.

    Or that water atleast carries you away and you can't swim on waterfalls.

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    Re:Moving Water

    I imagine that having a dynamic water system would be extremely hardware intensive and is probably not possible but it would be cool.

    I guess as a substitute they could create a water table so that if you dig to a certain depth you would hit water.

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    Re:Moving Water

    @r0ss0 I'm not sure if it was your post, But I do remember that Xsyon say that we want be able to do dam's. Something about the water not working like that. So I am not sure if we will be able to build water canals and aqueducts.

    But that will be very B) cool if we could.

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    Re:Moving Water

    There are waterfalls in the background of some of the pics in the gallery. However there's no way a game would support players rerouting rivers and filling valleys with water.

    So either the ability to modify terrain will be restricted to certain areas a limited in extent or else those screen caps are fabrications.

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    Re:Moving Water

    Xsyon wrote:
    It's not possible right now to build dams. We tried this but the system was getting too complicated for now. It's definitely something we will return to in the future.
    This discussion can be found here:


    Hope this helps! :side:

    By whicker at 2010-04-12

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    Re:Moving Water

    yeah it would. At least, maybe in the future they could implement the ability to make moats around an advanced town/city.

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    Re:Moving Water

    I guess just an empty moat would work just fine.

    Maybe if we could fill it with wood and light it we could make a defensive barbecue :O

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    Re:Moving Water

    moats would be nice, ha would be even better if you could fill moats with oil and light it :evil:

    i'm thinking building up large hills and building on those would be best, like what the romans did
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