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Thread: Trade Hubs?

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    Trade Hubs?

    are these even possible? Would seem that a totems quest could be used for such but have not found any yet. I am mostly about the Squaw area.

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    I think trade hubs are a huge possibility, I am working on Angora Trading Post, hoping to get travelers that want to trade and barter goods or services. Think about a player that is just out wondering around, perhaps new to the game, killed a few animals, scavenged a few items, needs to resupply on food or needs a tool or 2 for their trade or just perhaps a new weapon or armor. This person could find a trade hub, to resupply, get new gear, find some work, just about anything the game mechanics would allow..... Think this is a huge factor to the game, maybe not right now, but in the future.

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    The only problem I can see with the system as of now, is we have no way of moving large amounts of items. So having a person travel all the way to your trading hub, just to walk all the way back is something I see as highly unlikely. Large tribes could make trips though, so perhaps it would work. I hope so cause I also think it would be a pretty important.

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    I might be wrong, but I think when we'll be able to tame animals they will be able to carry stuff for us as well.

    Can't wait to see a hamster with long log on his back

    Edit: With all that I forgot what I wanted to say. Trading post is a valid idea and I wish luck to everyone who decides to start one.

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    I guess people could "try" to start a trading hub, but they more commonly "just happen."

    If you are serious about it then, "location, location, location." They will occur for example between two big tribes as a meeting place, by a plentiful and needed resource (oasis in the desert), or on very traveled paths. I think it would be hard to just make one, since many people would because it's a great source of income.

    However, I do see them occuring and as an anthropologist/archaeologist it interests me when and how.

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    Suppose once someone invents a still or makes some Ale they will have the happening spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meatypickle View Post
    Suppose once someone invents a still or makes some Ale they will have the happening spot.
    Well we will have alcohol with effects, I'm looking forward to see some tawerns. Brawling when drunk might be fun way for friendly PvP.

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    LOL yeah that would be great. "I said play me a song Piano Man!"
    "I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."

    ~Oscar Wilde

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    Tribe villages will probably become trading hubs. Of course, this wouldn't stop a small group of players from putting down a totem and trying to build a trading hub. In the end, however, I think established tribes will compete for being the best trading hub in specific regions. And, depending on the number of players and how the population is spread out, we could end up seeing quite a few hubs naturally form over time.

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    Yes, initially the larger tribes in the area will become the first trading hubs because they will just have more stuff and room for storage. However, I could see overtime other tribes becoming hubs for rare resources in areas (perhaps close to many mines).

    It will be interesting when tribal warfare breaks out and you will see big tribes fighting for control of those trading hubs and resources.

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