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    UI improvements & more

    Here is some improvement that could save our eyes while playing Xsyon:

    1. Overhead character names - Black color is terrible... can't be red in almost every situation, useless to say that during the night it's impossible.

    2. Baskets name - Could be very useful to assign a name to baskets

    3. Chat - Multiple tabs should be added as well as a background because reading while on the snow is dangerous for our eyes

    4. UI customization option panel - This should be added to allow every player to customize their interface

    5. Tribe panel - Would be nice to hear a sound when a tribe member log in or leave and would be nicer to see their status into the tribe control panel

    However this is a very good game, thank you Notorius Games! Cya!

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    6. Target panel (middle-top of the screen) - Make it clickable (r-click) with the same drop menu as the object

    7. Auto-stack - As tailor I've noticed that it's very boring to check every cloth type and then stack them manually, would be nice to drag it into a basket (for example) ad get it stacked with clothes of the same type automatically.

    8. Crafting windows - Going on with the game skilling a crafting skill will add a good quantity of recipes... please let mouse wheel working for scrolling recipes list. It's annoying to click every time the up/down buttons.

    9. Status bars - Paint your life! Add some classic color at status bars, red for health, yellow for energy, etc.

    10. Tooltips - Where are them?! Oh, there... but... the description?! Would be nice to know which kind of protection an armor has or how many hungry will a fish restore.

    11. Login system - Is it possible to log-in just one time instead of two? Would be nice.

    12. Placing object on the ground - You should add a "ghost form" of objects when putting them on the ground so we can know if they will stack with others or simply where we'll drop them

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    13. Make the cursor line up with the game. I have to click everything an inch and a half underneath the target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dontaze_Mebro View Post
    13. Make the cursor line up with the game. I have to click everything an inch and a half underneath the target.
    You should report this as a bug, its not normal. I can click right on the icons.

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    1) Agreed, character names need a bit more definition. Black text is not good enough and that color was probably the worst choice.
    3) Agreed, it definitely annoyed me.
    11) Funny, but true.
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