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    Scavanager fields problem

    I have spent some time walking across pretty much all terrains and noticed one major problem if you leave starting areas and main lake zones and head in higher altitudes and wodden areas it seems to lack scavager points...

    This will be problem because if you wanna push people in other zones and nicer areas then starting area zones we need them there since they are main requirments for building most stuff...

    Please look into it and perhaps spawn lot more scavage fields in higher altitudes and wooden areas... I seen many nice areas but they all lack rubish fields and we need those other wise we all be satying main lake and it will defeat purpose on exlorationa and living in middle of nowhere..

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    That's the point. We'll have to trade and fight for resources. Living in mountains you can build from wood, leather and rest of the resources you can get by using scavenge skill not only by collecting junk. On the other hand animal will stay away from areas where people live, so you'll have better place for hunting.

    From what I heard current scrap piles are in places where cities were before apocalypse.

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    ok i can understand point but do u see anyone hauling 3-4 zones from scrapyard back to camp i cant see it lool

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    Quote Originally Posted by STAR_GOD View Post
    ok i can understand point but do u see anyone hauling 3-4 zones from scrapyard back to camp i cant see it lool
    Quests, mounts, trading..

    I understand where you're coming from, but with most of the features not implemented or fully explain, you can know for sure what is going to be balanced or what is an issue.
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    I can understand idea behind not having rubish fields due to fact at one pointwe will lose coordinate system so most tribes will be based close by to costal areas so it makes sense...

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