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    Player made religions

    Currently religions aren't planned to be made by the players themselves but I would imagine that there are multiple religions people can choose to worship.
    The current plans for religion don't include worshiping your own gods, or starting new religions. It's an interesting idea though. We will take note of it.
    So here is my suggestion for player made religions.

    When a player starts a religion (and has all the requirements for it) he has to decide a couple of things from a preset list.

    Deity name: (name of the god)
    Deity type: (Could be something like "Animal", "element", "Spirit" or something like that)
    Deity description:
    Idol: (sacred object or icon)
    Build style for temples: (just give a list of styles, preferably multiple types that we can combine to make our own)
    Special unknown feature one:
    Special unknown feature two:

    To explain the last two things on that list I'll give another example. Assume magic comes from religion, here you can choose (maybe based on alignment) what magic type your followers get.

    So it could be something like this:

    Name: Order of the holy flame.
    Description: A religion that worships fire
    Deity name: mr. Volcano
    Deity type: Element
    Deity description: Living volcano guy
    Alignment: Good
    Idol: Cube
    Primary Magic: Fire
    Secondary Magic: Holy
    Build style one: Cubism
    Build style two: Concrete sewer tubesism

    So basically something like Tribes, where you can choose your own stuff from a list.

    Did I explain everything right? :P

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    Re:Player made religions

    So can I set up a religion where people idolise me? I think I'd be down with being worshipped as a goddess.

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    Re:Player made religions

    Hold this suggestion in mind, it will take a long time until there are any playermade religions ingame (if ever)

    Religions may come earliest after the prelude and then first the religions the devs have in mind.

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    Re:Player made religions

    Religion has to be discovered.

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    Re:Player made religions

    Thorbrand wrote:
    Religion has to be discovered.
    or maybe thought up :blink:

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    Re:Player made religions

    Lily wrote:
    So can I set up a religion where people idolise me? I think I'd be down with being worshipped as a goddess.
    This isn't such a bad idea. There have been times in history where rulers have declared themselves dieties.
    But then it's up to the people whether they follow you are not
    Brum, brum.

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    Re:Player made religions

    They'll possibly change throughout the game.
    It seems as if it's structures towards the game itself, manipulated and constructed by the players themselves.
    Depending on what they envy it could Easily be operated by non-technical people, I.E: Yourselves.

    Similarly, all talk and no ingame play does not show how the game itself runs, you'll have to play it to be able to construct and change idea's.
    The devs themselves only know "Partially" how the game will run, it's the players who throw there suggestions at them.

    If we survey different religions, we will see a wide variety of methods that other religious people have used to worship them, therefor differentially changing the games face and expressing their devotions to that so called tribal religious footsteps.
    We see a pattern throughout the game: some things are commanded and some things are optional, warring on the tribe you choose.

    No one needs a priest's.
    Everyone will build their own altars, sacrifice their own animals and will do their own worshipping depending on their tribal matters.
    It's all consistent and revolves around gameplay 'happenings'.

    Most of those details are obsolete, but the most important principle carries over into the tribes, All allegiance and all worship go to their chosen tribe.

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    Re:Player made religions

    Virtus wrote:
    Thorbrand wrote:
    Religion has to be discovered.
    or maybe thought up :blink:
    If we can make our own religion? The possibilities!

    That just gave me tons of new questions to ask but I will wait.

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    Re:Player made religions

    This could go along with player designed items as well. The devs need to make a program that can let players develop their own content and then submit it for review to the devs so they can decide if they want to add it to their game or not.

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    Re:Player made religions

    This will be interesting. I'm sure we'll see a wide variety evil cults with priests decked out in human bone armor as well as peace loving and nature worshipping peoples with their regalia. It kind of reminds me of the old 1980's sword and sorcery movies (Conan, The Beastmaster, Willow etc.).

    By whicker at 2010-04-12

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