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    I may have missed it when reading the features list but are there NPCs and NPC towns?

    The reason I am asking is because if all our stuff is stored in teh tribe town then what happens if you leave or get kicked out of a tribe. Do you lose all of your possessions?

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    I believe that some people believe the undead are NPCs and some people believe that they are the evil players.
    But I think that there will be some NPCs, not sure about NPC villages though.
    Brum, brum.

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    Xsyon wrote:
    NPCs currently don't currently steal loot, though it's something I've thought about and possible in the future.

    When you die there is a limited time for looting. What's not looted will be on you when you revive. Friends can help you by quickly looting important items if you don't want your enemies to get to them.

    Hope this helps.

    By whicker at 2010-04-12

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    Whenyou say NPC's I believe you mean, towns that players can visit with NPC vendors, that sort of thing. Similar to wow's Stormwind. Darkfall's racial captitals etc?

    Im pretty sure there arent those kinds of cities/town in this game. This is based on Xsyon saying that before there are any player tribe villages around to spawn at we will simply spawn at one of four pre-determined locations. This sounds to me as if there wont be non-player owned NPC cities/villages.

    However i am quite sure there will still be enemy NPC (mob) settlements, such as undead infesting old human settlements etc.

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    Ya did mean NPC towns although nothing as big as SW or anything like that. More like a trading out post or something.

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    Xsyon is populated with player humans and non player undead, animals and mutants.
    Undead are npcs. They are usually not very friendly or helpfull, tho, but maybe that's different in Xsyon.

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    Could be like the mutants in Fallout Where they are just misunderstood. Perhaps not all of them want to eat our brains and would prefer some nice carrots or something.

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    A lot of people are saying things as if fact. Also, the term NPC, I have always used the term when describing a computer/DM/GM controlled character that you can interact with or is significant in some way.

    I think we know there will be undead, but I don't think anyone can really say if they will be NPC's (Shop owners, information givers, quest givers etc.) PC's (Players themselves) or Denizens/Monsters (The things you run around and kill for experience, quests, items).

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    I think if you get fat enough in-game you should be able to eat NPCs.

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