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Thread: Declaring War

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    Declaring War

    Will it possible to declare war on another tribe? Should another tribe have the option to decline/accept? This is definitely something that PvPers will be interested in.

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    Re: Declaring War

    I think you will declare war but not sure since the tribe leaders can set certain rules sets in battle. But being FFAPvP I think evil and good can attack each other at anytime.

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    Re: Declaring War

    You can declare war on other tribes. I donít think tribes have an option to decline.

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    Re:Declaring War

    I even think that you don't need to declare a war.
    Ambushing another tribe is just an other way of starting a war.

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    Re: Declaring War

    I hope there is a declare war and the people can give terms.

    I hope there is an option for declaring war, of here are my terms, and give option to send back modified terms or go right into war.
    Something like that would be great.

    I dont want to see wars like in DarkFall Online, where you send a war dec and its put into effect instantly.

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    Re: Declaring War

    I think good and evil won't have too but if you are good and attacking a good/neutral tribe you probably got to declare war otherwise your tribe would be evil after the event.

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    Re: Declaring War

    You can declare wars with other tribes, but i don't think this option will be available in the early pre-lude.

    You'd just have to wait and see.

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