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Thread: No Chef love?

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    No Chef love?

    Hey, so far that i have read, it seems that there will be no Chef job in the game, i usually love to cook in any MMO, and since that in this game, everyone will just get hungry and need a feast, i would love to play as the role of a Chef for a Tribe as my main profession

    so, is there anything that come close to a Chef role in this game?

    or everyone will just be able to cook and doesn't need one?

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    Cooking is (or will be) a tradeskill in the game.

    The skill doesn't work at the moment - although I'm [still] hoping it might be squeezed in for launch.

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    So are plants the only thing available to eat now? I haven't explored too much as I'm waiting on wipe, but I noticed that the only food I came across was from foraging.

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    I like foraging, but a lot of folks prefer fishing. You have to select fishing as a skill during player creation in order to start with a pole. Otherwise, you have to make or ask for one.

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