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Thread: crafting tools

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    crafting tools

    Can someone please tell me in this thread wich tool comes with wich Skill at the beginning...

    so we can plan a tribe and have not much tools missing at the beginning

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    My best suggestion is to make a few chars and experiment but this is what I know so far:

    Essential to Basketry for making storage is a Lasher and Weaver, both come with basketry plus I believe Scissors and some other tool.

    Toolmakers get Hammer, Craft Knife, Screwdriver and Wrench - I've used all of them plus other tools I had to make in order to make even more tools.

    Woodworker starts with four tools, including a Saw, Planer, and Hammer - not sure what the other one is.

    Fishing comes with a fishing pole - best way to eat.

    Logging comes with an axe though the weapon axes also work for cutting down trees.

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    so i have done some testing with all starter skills .....

    Basketry has Weaver and Lasher

    Bonecraft has Screwdriver, Drill, Awl and Pliers

    Leather has Shears, Knife and Punch

    Masonry has Paddle, Mortar and Bucket

    Tailoring has Needle, Shears, Pins and Chalk

    Toolcraft has Hammer, Screwdriver, Knife and Wrench

    Weaponcraft has Hammer, Pliers, Knife and Screwdriver

    Woodcraft has Hammer, Knife, Planer, Saw

    Architekt has Saw, Planer, Yardstick and Hammer

    Fisching , a fishing pole
    Terraforming, a shovel
    logging an Axe
    hunting a longer hunting knife
    foraging, scavenging and hiding comes without tools

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