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    Learning recipes

    Hi, i would like to ask just for sure before I choose my craft skill after final wipe:
    is it so, that only in your 1 choosen craft you will get all recipes automatically as you use and level it and in all others you get only some basic ones and rest you have to scarvenge/trade for?

    does have choosen craft any other bonus (i think i did read something about planned masteries or what)?

    thank you

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    Not sure how it works for others, but weaponcrafting, you only seem to get recipes for the weapon types you started with. I've made hundreds of axes and clubs, as those are the two types I started with, and never gotten any blades, picks, or shovel recipes that were not from a scavenged book.

    I've had people say in global chat that you should get all recipes for your craft from grinding...but my milage has varied.

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    I have noticed that I started with Grass Plate recipes as a Weaver (Basketry I guess. Hate the name), but no matter how much I grinded grass stuff on my toolcrafter I never got the plates...

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    Some recipes are based on the level of the skill. I was also grinding basketry on a toolmaker and not getting new recipes, specifically the heavy and light plates. I noticed that basketry skill was at 24, so I put 3 points into it and at 25 automatically got the plates and a couple other recipes.


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    Interesting... I was hoping some recipies were tied to skill level. Looks like certain threshold recipes (Like the plates being required for alot of high level stuff) are.

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    Well, my main craft is Basketry, and I started with no armor recipes. I have skilled up to 42 and in that time have received no armor recipes at all. In fact, I had no new recipes at all from skill 29 to skill 41. I hope this is not going to be the norm, as I liked being able to make my own armor, even if it was rather strange

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    Hi there,

    Does this mean if I start my toon as a toolcrafter, I will never be able to "discover" great recipes from other crafts? Can the skill level from other crafts increase?

    I've started yesterday evening and after 60 items created (toolcraft), my skill level is still at 25 Is this normal? Can we see somewhere a more precise skill level (I mean 25.75 for instance) ?

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    Straylight: If you start with two types of baskets and no armor, you are out of luck until you find a pattern for armor. Once you have used pattern (patterns are skill level dependent), you will be able to learn the other recipes for that armor set. You could also reroll if you don't have both armor and basket recipes. No baskets/pouches is probably worse than no armor.

    jaxz: You will discover recipes in any craft you use enough. You can get several tailoring or basketry recipes early on just making thread/string/twine. You get more recipes in your chosen craft, but you can always use patterns to gain recipes in other skills if your skill in that craft is high enough.

    Part of the design of Xsyon is to not give precise numbers. Skill levels is one exception and I doubt that we'll ever see more precise numbers. Your stats also affect how fast you gain skill recipes, but exactly how is one of the games mysteries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxz View Post
    Hi there,

    Does this mean if I start my toon as a toolcrafter, I will never be able to "discover" great recipes from other crafts?
    That is the rumor spread by one of the (more condesending and incorrect) New Player Guides, and it is wrong wrong wrong.

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    A player guide said that? Thats not good.

    You indeed get new recipes in any skill/craft you practice.

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