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    What do skill levels actually, concretely, DO?

    This is something I am always surprised I have to ask in sandbox games (but almost always have to, except in EVE): What are the direct benefits from upping skills? I know its different per skill. So far it seems like:

    Scavenging, Foraging, Fishing: You succeed more often. With Fishing, at least, you seem to get better fish at higher levels too, seems like.

    Bonecraft, Toolmaking, Basketry, Leatherworking, Tailoring, Weaponcraft, Masonry (I think): You fail less often with harder recipes. I understand that, but then the problem is... what's a harder recipe? We can't see the quality of things currently until we make them... I also know you need a certain level to learn found recipes. THIS I like, and gives the level a very concrete use. The "You vaguely get better" is harder to appreciate.

    Jumping: Do you jump higher? Does it use less stamina? Both?

    Running: Faster? Less Stam use?

    And of course the combat skills could be all manner of things. More damage, more accuracy, faster swing... who knows?

    Furthermore, and possibly most important, is a higher skill level required to figure out certain recipes? (Not scavenged one) For instance, is there approximately one armor set per 10 skill points? Or, every time I learn a new recipe, is there a chance I will learn the best armor in the game even at skill 5?

    Right now when I see "you learned a new recipie" I go "WOO!" but when it says "Your X skill has increased" Its more like "Woo?" and I feel like if I knew how this was actually making me better I could appreciate it.

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    As you increase your skill level in crafting, the items you make go up in quality. At skill level 0-14 what you create is Junk, at 15-29 Poor, at 30 you make Low quality. I haven't gotten to the next level since I had to delete my character to clear the loading bug. Two isn't really a trend you can quote, but it would appear to go in steps of 15 points per quality level.

    Whether or not sub-component or tool quality is taken into account yet is unclear. I was able to make Low quality stuff with junk and poor tools and sub-components (wooden handles). Using better quality stuff didn't seem to improve the quality, but these are just relative values. It could be at high end or low end of a quality level, but we can't see the actual numbers in the tooltips yet. Your "High" quality knife may be better than my "High" quality knife because you used better materials or tools, or there could just be one single version of a High quality knife. One version would be easier on the database, but not as spiffy


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    Interesting. I thought the quality was determined by the "set" the tool was from. Like a scrappers wrench is poor and a trapper wrench was better or w/e.

    It definitely seems like not all of the quality and other aspects of items are implemented yet. Or if they are, they are invisible ( I hope that's not the case because, if so... it doesn't seem to do much...)

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    They may well have an inherent quality, but also capped by skill. Way too much is still unknown. I do know that it is possible to learn a recipe that is way out of bounds for your current level. Tools used to all be difficulty 5 so am not sure if the previous statement holds for tools. It is possible, however, to get tailoring, etc. recipes that you will end up failing 20 times before you succeed because the difficulty is so far out of your league.


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    to reply to combat/physical question

    Running decreases your stam use and makes you run/sprint faster. I saw a guy, once, sprint by me very very fast after he killed me.
    Jump also decreases your stam use but I feel like it makes me jump longer/further opposed to higher.
    Unarmed / Armed Combats increase your damage.
    Weapon skills no idea since I was using knuckles.
    Dodge/Parry might be how fast you execute them and/or how long they last. Most effective way to level these two is to spend skill points on them.

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    I know run speed is at least partly influenced by Either dex or agi too. I dump all my points into the Physical stats during beta since I didn't know what the others did and I was way faster than my friend with more Int. I haven't leveled up running suddenly started running any appreciable difference faster though.

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    Good info about the quality level based on your skill level... although... no idea what item quality affects

    Unlike the OP I'm okay with community having to figure these things out, though. And not surprised we have to ask these questions in sandboxes

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    Some great information here for new players such as myself. Thanks for everyone's questions/answers. I'll be looking forward to helping figure out the rest!

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    Yes, this is one of the things I enjoy about sandboxes, is figuring out all the hidden mechanics.

    Run speed is definitely affected by stats, my first toon had base 50 dex and agi and he waddled around slowly.

    The question of how tool type and quality affects the quality of the item created is a good question, and deserves further research. Can a fair-quality workman's wrench create a better item than a poor-quality scrapper's wrench? A theory I have is that the 'type' of tool reflects its durability. Once item decay is turned on, we'll find those "scrappers" tools, made from bits of wood and lumps of rock, will only last for a few uses.

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    I never said I wanted it all layed out, I just wanted to get the ball rolling on the community indeed figuring it out. I just hadn't seen any stickys about this particular topic.

    But yea, it seems that until quality actually does something and decay is implementing I think it's going to be hard to figure out how system work.

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