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Thread: The basics...

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    The basics...

    Hello all!

    I am hoping someone could give me a bit of insight into how Strength, Fortitude, Agility, Dexterity etc primary attributes affects the character?

    I would also like to know if there was any online manual, map (not in high detail to just give an idea of my general location when picking a starting area) and general tips from the more experienced players?

    In advance thanks for any information/direction you can give.

    Take care and good luck!

    Ooop, forgot - can anyone explain the experience bar? What rewards experience as I've tried a host of things but it seems sporadic in advancement?

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    There is a manual, you can find it in the announcements section (sticky). It has a diagram of how all the attributes translate to skills. There is also a map, I'm not sure where its located. From what I can tell of the experience is that when you go up a level. This gives you points that you can allocate to various skills.

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    you gain exp for the level bar by doing things. savaging, fishing, foraging are simple you do gain a bit slowly. crafting is simple to but whit a tiny bit more depth.
    you can craft a item, you gain a tiny bit of exp, you craft it again (same item) you gaina tiny bit again but this time a tiny bit less. until a item does not give exp at all. the action of crafting however can still give exp as you level the skill. you can ofc also switch between things you make and keep getting tiny bits of exp.

    thats it so far I have found out.

    As the above poster says, you gain Level points for it and those you can use to increase or maintain skills (decay once its active) the amount of level points it cost to increase a skill depents on the hight of said skill. under ten it cost 1 point per skill level , at skill 70 it would cost seven level points to increase one skill level. (70>71)

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    Thank you for the links and responses. I feel like a proper fool missing those things from the forum.

    Good luck!

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