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Thread: Recipe Sets?

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    Recipe Sets?

    I don't like the starting recipes of my character as they all require human bones which can only, currently, be gained from scavenging. So rather than remaking my character is there a way to gain access to other recipe sets? Like using deer bones to make the starter helmets. Would that give me give me access to a set that uses deerbones when I learn a new recipe?

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    You can find new recipes by scavenging or by crafting. Obviously, it's somewhat difficult to get a new recipe when you scavenge as it's all random, but that's your best bet if you don't want to recreate. You may also get some human bones along the way and do some crafting to receive more recipes.

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    Bonecrafting patterns are some of the most common patterns, and since bonecrafting is one of the least chosen skills, you should be able to snag all the patterns your tribe finds. You might also get a pattern grinding bone stakes if you can get a supply of round bones.

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    He may be referring to the theory that you only "discover" recipes limited by the recipes you started with... maybe?

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    Recipes are random, I've yet to see what I create have much correlation to what I learn to create.

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