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    Where can I found this tools ?


    I play Xsyon for 2 hours now. And I don't understand how to create/find some tools.

    Like : Saw, fishing pole, pick axe

    Could someone explain me ?

    Thanks !

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    You will need to find a tool crafter who knows how to make these tools. If you are a tool crafter, like in all other crafts, you will not be able to immediacy create everything. You will learn new recipes when you level but you will not learn all just by leveling. Some recipes will have to be found in the world, or taught to you once teaching is implemented.

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    Pickaxe might be under weaponcrafting, but not sure. Regardless, you will need to scavenge a pickaxe head. Also, you need to scavenge an Old Saw Blade for a crafter to make a saw; however, there are rumors that there is a recipe for that.

    The fishing rod will probably be the easiest to obtain, since it doesn't require any scavenged items to make.

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    The Anglers Rod requires a Medium Wood Pole. You need an axe to chop down a tree, then saw and planer to shape the wood. The pickaxe is a weaponcrafter recipe. The Old Hand Saw blade is used for the Toolcrafter Saw; A Circular Saw blade is used to make an axe weapon.

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