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    Reason to wear cloth?

    What are the benefits to wearing cloth armor over leather, basket, and bone?

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    That is the beauty of the game.... everything in the game has benefits and downfalls.... it is up to the community to discover what those are. Xsyon has stated that a HUGE part of the game is discovery... the dev team is not always going to announce this or that.... so what one tribe might discover another might not. What one bone crafter might know, it could be a trade secret. It is an uncharted game, not everything is going to be handed to the players, its up to the player to discover what they can.

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    No one will ever know whats useful until they add item info to UI. these sorts of things are usually untestable even with a system log :/

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    These two responses are complete opposite.

    I would plan on doing more testing and discovery than waiting for a UI patch to answer all your questions. Some things are by design, you know.

    That being said, I would like to hear what our theories are ont eh benefit of wearing ANY armor, let alone the differnet types.

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    armor protects u in varying amounts. each type has its own mitigation attached to it. BUT i will say that none seem to add any game changing armor to u. just a few extra hits before u die.

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    Spent a couple of days in-game trying various armor sets.. the armor types (grass/leather/bone), as has been stated elsewhere, basically equate to more traditional armor types of light/medium/heavy, and carry with it the same basic impacts, such as encumbrance, attack speed timing (counting number of swings/attacks per second with the only difference being the armor set over the course of 100 swings), and slight damage mitigation. As Grass_Ninja said above, currently armor in any manner really only gives enough of a mitigation to allow you to take a few extra hits with each type of armor increasing the damage mitigation, but in a fight, those extra hits can mean the difference between winning, and having to get more gear.

    There are rumors of specific armor sets also providing bonuses to certain actions, like a specific grass set that might make hiding more effective. However, with so many things still not known/verifiable beyond personal observation, this was not included in my testing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haladmer View Post
    attack speed timing (counting number of swings/attacks per second with the only difference being the armor set over the course of 100 swings)
    I'm intrigued.

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    I think that once they add comfort, cloth will probably give the greatest comfort.

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    Cloth will protect you from the VooDoo.
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