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    Special pre-order weapons in non-combat

    Did anyone have the chance to expleriment with their special pre-order items before the wipe? I would be curious how they affect non-combat skills. I practiced some terraforming with both a regular shovel and the "excavator" special shovel, and it did seem to use less stamina to dig.

    Anyone try using the "dissector" to skin an animal, or the "extractor" to hit rocks with?

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    I used dissector to skin animals, but didnt notice any difference in quality or quantity of resources gathered

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    Smile Prospector

    The Prospector can be used as a pick.

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    And the "Pillager" is good for chopping down trees with, I just tested that.

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    excavator - I tested with the regular shovel, seems to use less stamana per dig, level, raise etc.

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    The weapons/tools are of better quality then the starting gear. Scrappers shovel vs pioneers shovel.. bigger "health" decay bar , better quality. less energy use.. would make sense in.

    Nice to see its more then just decay being affected by better gear. makes it all worth something.

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