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    [Idea]being true evil

    not saying this should be implement just think its neat idea
    say a certain % of the population was allowed to choose to be evil.

    and once its full to become evil you must kill an evil(makeing that person become blue and you red)

    think of being red like a buff that allows u to attack anyone. once you get killed by a someone without the buff(blue) u lose it and they gain it.
    (also they could choose to not steal it)

    this would make being red being the strongest and best fighters who were evil and the weak ones fighting reds to become evil. makeing it a previlage to be evil and killing blues instead of just a choice.

    probly not the best thing for the game i just like the idea of fighting to be the strongest and evilest. and being red proves that your a force to be wrekkoned with. just an idea.

    i dont think this idea would work with how the game is intended or setup but its interesting idea.

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    Re:[Idea]being true evil

    Evil ones will be the most feared and strong fighters you can find in the game.Take it and live with it ,there is no alternative.

    PS: I don't know why im talking with him because usually im aggressive with strangers.

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    Re:[Idea]being true evil

    evil players will naturally become stronger and stronger as they would be constantly in battle. wile the good aligned players will naturally be a bit more peaceful avoiding fights with neutral and good aligned players and excel in trade and craftsmanship...and then there is the lawful aligned players who will naturally be like the police and bounty hunters (depending on if they are good or natural respectively) these guys will constantly train them self's to be strong enough to take out the evil aligned players so you can undoubtedly assume that the most epic battles will be between the evil and the lawful.... this is of course all based on an educated opinion and although it is most likely correct it might also be incorrect

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