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    Favorite feature?

    Just wondering what feature caught everyone's attention the most.

    This has to be my favorite:
    Creatures gain experience and power, potentially evolving into legendary beings.

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    Re:Favorite feature?

    Creating quests in the town for your tribe sounds amazing.

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    Re:Favorite feature?

    It helps to keep order and everyone up to date on what needs to be done.

    The idea of this was to avoid the need for external forums and chats to organize and plan everything. While I'm sure they will still be used it will not be to the extent that most other games need them.

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    Re:Favorite feature?

    Ah, so a player could post a quest saying: "Gather 10 deer bones". Which he wanted to try to craft armor with etc.

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    Re:Favorite feature?

    Exactly Sique. Then even when he is offline people can do this for him and then hand it in through the totem. When he logs in next he will find has 10 deer bones waiting for him compliments of the night shift.

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    Re:Favorite feature?

    Its a toss-up for me between the player made quests and the legendary animals idea.

    I wonder though, if an animal becomes a 'legendary' creature, does it drop the same exact things (I am thinking meat and bones, and skin) that its non-legendary counterpart does, or are they legendary versions of them?

    Or maybe you get the 'legendary 28 point buck rack' etc

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    Re:Favorite feature?

    The player created quests does it for me - think its a great idea. How will it work exactly? You post a quest (like get me 10 deer skins) on a notice board and put the reward up front? What will the person doing the quest do? Put the items into a safebox for you to collect next time you are online?

    (Edit) Never mind just noticed Virtus's post above that answers my question....
    Dont sweat the petty things...never pet the sweaty things!

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    Re:Favorite feature?

    Wow, so many to choose from! From the environments, to how characters change with experience, to the building of towns (roads!), to the dynamic crafting, to how the creatures react and adapt..... yea, no way I can just choose one or for that matter, two features. lol :woohoo:

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    Re:Favorite feature?

    1) Multiple tamable animals
    2) Editable terrain

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    Re:Favorite feature?

    I'm really curious about the evolution of the game itself.Imo it's not going to feel static.Building towns,roads,forming a new nation and eventually expanding that nation and CRUSHING ALL THE POOR BASTARDS WHO INTERPOSE IN MY a bit carried away... And there is this prelude thing I keep reading, need to read more to find out what is that about XD.

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