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Thread: pre order ?

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Mar 2010

    pre order ?

    i have some questions

    i pre order sxyon but when does it bigin to count ?

    is that in the prelude at 15 april or is it from the day i pre order?

    if i can't get in befor the prelude do i loos a month of subscribsion ?

    i'm from flanders / ik ben uit Vlaanderen
    north of belgium / in het noorden van belgie

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    Re:pre order ?

    They're giving you like two extra months of play time. I'm guessing it starts when they let you guys in.

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    Re:pre order ?

    I imagine on release, As if it's free play time that means you won't have to pay for it and the only play time I can htink of that will cost is after release.
    Brum, brum.

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    Re:pre order ?

    starts on the 15th

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    Xsyon Citizen darkrounge's Avatar
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    United Kingdom, North Yorkshire.

    Re:pre order ?

    Virtus wrote:
    starts on the 15th
    Yup, not long now though.

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    Re:pre order ?

    Virtus wrote:
    starts on the 15th
    So the two free months ticks down frim 15th april? Even if you have early entry, That doesnt count?

    If so thats cool

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    Re:pre order ?

    yup, you get to play free from April 15 - June 15th

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    Re:pre order ?


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    Re:pre order ?

    i forgot to count May >_<

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    Re:pre order ?

    im glad you are our admin Virtus i really am...

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