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    Noob questions on saws and axes

    Is there any other way to make a saw than to have an "old saw blade" I've been training my tool-craft skill and I have quite few saw recipes but all require an old saw blade. Also, I'm guessing that Axes are "weapons" instead of tools, eh?

    Also, being new (actively playing for only a few days), I was wondering if there were any plans to include more "primitive" tool recipes (i.e. stone tools, wood tools, etc)? Of course, they would be more fragile and brake often. Also, are there plans to allow re-purposing some of the junk scrap into other things? Like a wooden bat into a wooden handle or a dumbbell into a hammer? I guess that might require a bit of rewriting of the crafting system as it is at the moment. (or does it already work and I just didn't try it? )

    All in all, my current impressions are good. It's a little bit too grindy for me at the moment, and I'm not quite fully sold on the crafting system, but it does have potential.

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    Old saw blades are the only type used to make saws, find them by using the scavaging skill, the find rate is very low. youneed high skill.
    Axes are indeed weapons. a player usaly starts whit two types of weapon craft recipe's sometimes its knives, or shovels..sometimes axe and a other type. others gained same way as you gain toolcraft recipe's

    There are stone and wood tools, and they are among the weakest (tho decay aint active yet) Scrappers usaly are made of simple plastics and sutch. foragers out of wood and stone, hunters out of bone, pioneers are the more complex tools and master tops it all.

    wooden bats or metal aan plastic bats are used in weapon craft.

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    is there any plan on increasing the saw blade salvage rate?

    Also, about starting weapons- I have found that you are given 1 or 2 weapons based on your favorite type (blades give u knives, axes gives u axes, etc) and then you get the special weapon. So you always start with 2 weapons and if your lucky you get 3!

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    So, do you have to actually use the Salvaging skill to get saw blades, or are they found after sorting scrap metal?

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    only from salvaging skill

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    Hopefully one day they will allow us to craft parts like these through a metal smith skill.

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