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Thread: recipies order

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    recipies order

    have a way to organize the recipies?

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    Would be nice to have some ability to sort...However part of me likes being me a masochist

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    I have a theory that recipes appear in your window in order of difficulty from easiest at the top to most difficult at the bottom. At first I thought they just appeared in the order you learned them, but since then I've noticed several new recipes appearing in between existing ones. And it also appears that I fail the ones at the bottom of the list more often.

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    I think they just appear in the order you learned them.

    when I first tried Basketry, I got a book that teached me assault pants for skilllevel 50. So I made it to 50 and learned it. And of cause it was at the bottom of the list. but it was pretty easy to craft. But I thought I have a real superious armor now!

    Next time I tried Basketry, I already had these assault pants, even with skill 5 ?! And all other recipies came just below it. So I dont think its ordered by difficult, it seems to be jus trandom. You even get skill 50 recipies with skill 5 it seems by random.

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    Yea, its compleetly random. I learned a punch (stone tool) as recipe number 80 or so.. Its the most easy to make tool there is and it was in order of last gained last on list.

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