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    Some clothing not using cloth colors. bug?

    I've had a few items of clothing not use the color of the mats used. Is this intended?
    Edit: the item itself changes colors but does not show as that color when worn.

    Making a list of clothing that does this:
    Freel thigh pad
    Freel forearm guards

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    apprentice hat or what ever it's called.
    yuba armbands (they allways turn blue)

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    I assume this was intended. Sometimes a major part will use the Fabric color, sometimes a minor part, and sometimes no part. No matter which part is (or isn't) colored, the icon in your inventory is colored like the fabric. Seemed just on of the traits of each piece to me.

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    I would love to see our cloth's color only linked to the pieces of cloth's color we use. So when we go on a raid, we can all use the same colors.
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    Deffiantely buggy since many items will turn their correct colors when hiding.

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