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    New information please

    We need something, Any thing please. We are losing hope in the game.

    If nothing more, Give us info on what you are working on. It's hard to keep holding out hope when nothing is being said.

    John Wooden ~ Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.
    Benjamin Spock ~ Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

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    Re: New information please

    i second this motion

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    Re: New information please

    Hes working on trees. some otherstuff too.

    "- Finishing the latest Speed Tree implementation.
    - Optimizing terrain to reduce the initial download.
    - Testing and tweaking combat changes. We're reworking the combat system somewhat after taking into consideration some of the discussions on the forum. Instead of having to select a target, you will be attacking whatever is in range and your aim (center view point in 1st person, mouse cursor in 3rd person) will determine your specific intended target.
    - Continuing testing and improving creature AI.
    - Checking, organizing and finalizing data files.
    - Fixing existing bugs and continuing testing all systems."

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    Re: New information please

    Nothing new ... NEXT

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    Re:New information please

    I agree. I've run out of things to look up or even talk about on the forums. At the point where I'm bored and looking at other games until we get something...

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    Re:New information please

    Its only been a few days since we heard from Xyson last, and your "losing hope"?

    I hope you never get into any traffic jams.

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    Re:New information please

    wow, Wrekkoning your funny.

    Every one here, Knows that every one has been looking for it to come out this week.

    Xsyon said:
    As soon as we can, we will let players into the game in small groups of 20-50. If we encounter problems we fix them. If not, we let in another group right away, until all the pre-order players are in.

    We are all biting at the bit to get in. Most was think last weekend, Then Monday Xsyon said "As soon as we can", So we all thought this week, Now we are closing in fast on the weekend. And all wanting to know something. So you can be funny(Wrekkoning) if you wish, But there are a lot of people wanting to know something new.

    John Wooden ~ Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.
    Benjamin Spock ~ Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

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    Re:New information please

    How about something like, "speed tree is still kicking my ass", or "I'm just not happy with the terrain yet".

    Those small things would be very helpful.

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    Re:New information please

    Guys, its called Patience. Have some.

    First, the OFFICIAL date for release is April 15th. The fact that ANY of the developers might be letting people in early is a privilege, and it shouldn't be taken advantage of.

    "They'll never get any subscribers if they don't tell/show us how the game works! Plus, I want to know if I should pre-order!"

    Firstly, they've already said they don't want publicity. They know the players will do it for themselves with player-made content, videos, screenshots, discussion.

    Secondly, they've given you more than enough information for you to really know if you want to pre-order or not. If you're scared, stop crying, and wait it out.


    Sidenote: DEVS! Take your time! We want release to be great!

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    Re:New information please

    It's probably a bit premature to be losing hope but,

    I do like updates

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