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Thread: FFA PVP?

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    FFA PVP?

    I'm not a huge fan of pvp. Its okay in small doses occasionally but imo its a redundant activity and is an excuse for lazy development.

    Having said the above, I can tolerate flag pvp but a mindless FFA gankfest I can't. It brings out the worst in people. Yay its FFA so I can run around and grief gank because FFA = no rules! o.0

    So I'd like to know how pvp is handled in xyson. I read about the features but didn't see or overlooked pvp.

    I'm hoping someone on the dev team can share some info about current pvp and the plans for it.

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    Re:FFA PVP?

    Open PvP is player innovation. The game is not an arena where you constantly fight for the purpose of passing time, but instead a complex system of lands, allies and enemies, and real tangible rewards for victory versus failure. It's not redundant because your motivations drive the encounters.

    You and your allies determine who you are going to fight. Your interactions determine success. You may fight because your people are the sworn enemies of another, or because they have more rich lands than yours, or perhaps just hoping to conduct a little banditry and see what kind of valuables someone has on them.
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    Re:FFA PVP?

    Hello Tonfun and welcome!

    The game is twitch based full PVP with manual defense.

    To stop mindless ganking etc there is set in place a reputation. The reputation will affect how you interactive with NPCs and other villages.

    A positive reputation will allow you to use other towns/villages crafting equipment and trade goods at their totem. a bad reputation will cause any NPCs to attack you. I am sure there are more plus and negs but not aware of them.

    On top of this due to to Xsyon's true sandbox style fights and battles will have to be more carefully planned. You should not just blindly run into battle and fight to the death but run away if needed. If you do just blindly run into battle there may be consequence for it later.

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    Re:FFA PVP?

    Thanks for the replies.

    I'm on the fence now and leaning toward a pass of this game but it has so many interesting features.

    I'm a mmorpg junkie :P and I'll probably try xyson even though I'm telling myself not to do it.

    I still see it as a gank treadmill with nothing to do but fight over w/e is on the list that day.

    However, I'll probably try it. Thanks again for the informative (and quick) replies.

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    Re:FFA PVP?

    FFA PVP is the best thing a game can have. But don't forget, FFA PVP does not equal a mindless gank arena, all you have to do is join a strong guild and I guarantee you that no one will ever touch you. (in a non-sexual way :P )

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    Re:FFA PVP?

    Adding PCs to my mob hunt list is fun, If I can't buy from npcs, going to have to hunt some PC's harvesting/wearing what I want. Go Farm me some goodies Care Bears.

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    Re:FFA PVP?

    I think FFA PVP brings actual meaning to a sandbox. The thing that holds a sandbox together is the community whether its bad or good. Leaving out FFA pvp would be limiting player interactions and thats one of the things that makes a sandbox a sandbox. The thing that degrades FFA PVP is the fact that whenever anyone hears about FFA PVP they think it just means gank or be ganked. There are good people and there are bad people, I guess it would be relevant to say yin and yang. We need both and even neutral. Mercenaries, crafters, bandits, gaurds; I wouldn't mind seeing them all. The gankers will be there, I gaurantee they will be, but don't worry, its a tough life to live.

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    Re:FFA PVP?

    I think that FFA PVP is an essential part of any sandbox MMO. Consequences are needed, and it looks as if what the admin described should work great. More than that though your rep w/ other players has an impact.

    Politics, and risk v reward are all in the balance as in real life and such a system really makes a Sandbox work.

    As in the real world War happens for many reasons, and to deny it in favor of flagged pvp, or no pvp makes a Sandbox more like a gravel pit. (Sure you can make piles of rock, but you can't really shape anything.)

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    Re:FFA PVP?

    FFA PvP is an important feature in a sandbox-mmo. However FFA PVP=/=Sandbox MMO.

    Keep that in mind

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    Re:FFA PVP?

    All this sounds interesting!

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