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    Wanted Skills

    So I finally caved and decided to pre-order. And as I patch I have a question for those of you who have been playing: what skills/crafts have you noticed lacking in the population? Or what skills/crafts have you found yourself saying something like: "wow I wish there were more _____ers"

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    I think that is hard to say at the moment, because we are waiting for the final wipe, and everyone is trying around with every skill at the moment. But there are some polls at the forum, what people want to choose after the wipe.
    I think there are always enough people of everything. The better question is, what recipies you got
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    Generally, it's pretty well balanced and no craft is really in high demand. Early on the toolcrafters are the ones most needed. Over time demand for tools will go down though when everybody has his set of tools.

    I believe it's much more important to choose the craft depending on where you want to live. For example, if you're looking to join a smallish or medium-sized tribe it's best to coordinate your choice of craft with the tribe. Another example would be not to pick leathercrafting, bonearmour, tailoring, tool- or weaponcraft if you want to live solo or in a small community somewhere in the wilderness. These crafts need large amounts of junk and you don't get junk in the wilderness.
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    Ah, good looking out. Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely looking to join a tribe. I really enjoy team gameplay so I'll just have to fiddle with some options.

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