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    Easy grind of toolcrafting - tip

    For new players: Easiest way to grind toolcrafting is to stand on a rock source (granite or limestone will do) and make forager's paddle or wrench (or any other tool that requires only one rock to make. If you find some dry limestone source you can "farm" chalk as well and make trip beneficial (but you will lack water)). First you need to get those tools in your list so you will have to do it by crafting something else (plastic tools that require 1 plastic is also a nice way to do it).

    Make sure you go "naked" with only a knife (for paddle) or hammer (for wrench) so you don't get ganked and looted (plenty of people that will "wannabe-pvp" you from behind right now). Bring some food and you can do it close to water to solve thirst problem as well (limestone source). An hour of grinding should give you huge amount of new tools to make.

    And now mandatory "Hello Mr. Obvious, here is a rock for you".

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    Good tip. Thanks.

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    Another would just be to grind needles... only take 1 junk plastic and no tools to make.

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    But plastic takes up a junkpile spot that could be used for something else. Rock on the other hand is VERY plentiful. Junkpiles are not.

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    Although this is indeed a good way to grind the skill, it bothers me that we have to grind at all making useless items that get thrown away.

    *goes away to improve her grindstone in wurm*

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    i grind my tool making by crafting wooden needles

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    I'm at 60 right now and it takes me around 70-75 items to get to next point. It seems to increase by one or two items for each point. I'm scared of grinding after 90 to be honest, that is a lot of clicking.

    I'm doing scrappers lasher, one plastic and plastic seems to be easier to get then anything else, even rock, if you have jukpile close by.

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    The biggest problem with grinding wood needles or plastics is they use non-renewing resources. When you take a resource from the junk pile you are reducing all resources from that spot, not just plastic, but leather and metal as well because it seems goes by the number of gathers, not what you take. And until we can start replanting trees, you will run out of wood, though needles does have the side effect of boosting woodcrafting which will give better quality parts when that matters.

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    I've found the stone needle to be best. Just takes one rock.

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    It seems to easy to grind toolcrafting recipes, i only have 37 skill but i got a total of 117 recipes. There are a few recipes that only use stone : needle, paddle, wrench, puncher, mortar and pestle, drum roll or something like that.

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