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    structures represent what they were crafted with

    I would like to see the structures in this game actually be made of the items that are used to craft it, like if I have to use 12 tarps to make a tent I'd expect the building to have the colors of the 12 tarps I used, etc.. what do you guys think? will this be too hard to implement at this stage of the game?

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    This can also be right for any other craft.

    You are a taylor ? Wouldn't you like to have see the color of your clothes linked to the color of the material you use ?
    Same for the other craft...

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    Actually for tailored items like armor/clothes, the material color does show up on both inventory icon and the actual item. The catch is that some items have limited layers where this color impact can be seen.. sometimes it's just in the highlights, sometimes it's the full pattern.

    That aside, it would be nice to see the tarp colors reflected in the final output since tribes can assign tribe colors. Imagine walking over the hill to see all of the tents in the town with the tribe colors displayed.

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