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    Non-edible plants

    Anyone know what the non-edible plants that you can obtain while foraging are for? e.g. purple milkweed, sierra yampah, mariposa lily, and the like.

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    I don't know but I'd assume that these are eventually used for cooking/alchemy/botany, whatever it is that we will get later on.
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    Right now, a possible form of "hippie" currency...

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    now now, if i told you that I would be giving away all the secrets

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    Uncooked Yampa roots are a gentle laxative if consumed in excess and were used medicinally for this purpose

    Hmm... I'm gonna just leave that one alone

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    You could let just one little secret slip....

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    Milkweed is poisonous. Lily...buds can be cooked and eaten. Now I just found Death Camas..................

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    Yeah, they are going to be used possibly for Dyes, Medicines, Cooking, etc.

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    Yes I have been keeping track of these plants too. I think some might be for unwanted dinner guests.

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    And dont forget Poison...because, if you didnt notice...its actually in the game manual listed as a skill.

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