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Thread: Optimism

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    Im doing my best to keep defending this game and our devs, Ive got about 5 guys that are all waiting to hear some positive reasons for them to join the game. For the last week Im having to dodge their questions and pretend everything is going fine and that they should stay interested. This totem placing fiasco is a large let down, one that I will totally survive, and in time forget about, but FFS you guys need to make up for all this pain in the ass and all the things not working as intended or not in the game soon. I payed my money because I beleive in your vision and want you to have the resources to make it work.

    Quit teasing, give us something big that works! Lets get the rest of the player base outside waiting in here with some indisputable positivity!

    *stumbles away mumbling something about re placing totem..........*

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    I agree that it is getting increasingly hard to convince people to keep playing Xsyon, my tribe has hard 3 or 4 people quit or stop playing until the server gets worked out. I for one will not become discouraged because I believe in this game far too much.

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    -Edit- Ah fuck it... Not worth it.

    Shafted out of 2 legit totem placements in which we wasted hours upon hours to organize. I'm sick of this shit.

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    I think that us getting 2 months of free time compared to the usual 1 month is a good compensation enough. We paid for that part and the software. Paying early gave us early access, but the early access isn't worth any money.

    What you should be telling your friends is the truth. Launch is rough... combat isn't complete....the games only got working tools for crafting and city building. Not dodging their questions. Since you joined in at least January, you should have been in beta and know that there's good stuff everywhere.

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    I am taking this 6 hour delay / mulligan as a chance to make home made pizza! I will place my totem a second time today while holding a delicious slice.

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    "By the time this game works there is going to be no one left, and because there is no one left, that is why it will work..."

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    The game is what it is, and if that is not adequate for someone, then maybe that person shouldn't be trying to play in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chase78 View Post
    I am taking this 6 hour delay / mulligan as a chance to make home made pizza! I will place my totem a second time today while holding a delicious slice.
    Now that's optimism!

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    I think there are shelters for people like us

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    Im sure this is the last thing the devs want so im not going to get all wound up about it.
    I kind of feel sorry for them no matter how hard they try they just cant seem to catch a break-same goes for us but in time it will all work out.

    Cant Rain All The Time.

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