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Thread: In-game Weapons

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    In-game Weapons

    So I was thinking what kinda weapons are going to be in-game? Is their ranged weapons or mostly melee? I know theirs not going to be any guns but maybe clarify for everyone else

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    Re:In-game Weapons

    There will be axes knifes clubs picks shovel

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    Re:In-game Weapons

    In the concept art there are guns...
    Which made me a little worried to be honest.
    Brum, brum.

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    Re:In-game Weapons

    At least in the Prelude there won't be guns at all,this is a technology not discovered yet.

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    Re:In-game Weapons

    Yeah, We'll only see alot of recovered/evolved technology after prelude, and even quite some time after release.

    I just hope one weapon doesn't dominate all others.
    Brum, brum.

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