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    Basket permissions

    Someone was nice enough to donate some baskets to me. But they had to make them public for me to pick them up and put them in my area.

    So how do I make these private to me now?

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    They actually need to trade you the baskets, then you need to place them on the ground, then you can change permissions.

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    yes, I have them on the ground, but cant find a setting to make them private.

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    Try picking them up and setting them back down. If that doesn't work get the person to come back, pick them up then actually TRADE them to you so you assume possession.
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    ok, I think I understand, since they werent traded to me then I am not the official owner of the baskets and cant manage permissions?

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    Ya I'm not exactly sure why it works, but it does. Your explanation sounds good to me!

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    I think (not sure though) that even someone that is not the owner can trade it to you (a tribe mate maybe), and you will be the new owner.
    I will try some testing and come back with confirmation or not depending on the results.
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    I donīt know how. But i got 2 basket with full permiss, i can change it perfect.

    1 is a friendīs gift and other 1 i thief from a nearly tribe.

    Really i donīt know what is the secret but u can got basket with permiss menu.

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    In order for the container to be considered "yours" it has to be manually traded to you via the trade window. Even if the basket belonged to a third party, as long as it is traded to you the owner flag will get reset to you.
    Easiest way to accomplish this is just trade with someone, pass the containers over, and have them trade them back to you.

    Be sure to reset permissions on the containers, as they will most likely be Public (the previous permissions stick).

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