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    Hiding....How it's raised

    Just curious if anyone has gotten their "Hiding" up at all since the start?
    And if so, How did you do it?
    Flame on...just waiting for the lagfest, i mean sever to start back up
    But seriously, how do you raise Hiding?

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    I think it's in my best interest to keep this secret as long as possible.

    Soz, it's not personal!

    jk, you spam it.

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    I have found that if you hide while swimming it goes up way fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niccoli00 View Post
    I have found that if you hide while swimming it goes up way fast.
    Have not tried this. But with the server a buggy mess, I dont think anything is working.

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    Macroing it overnight yielded an 8 point gain. I think they just made it ridiculously difficult because it's so easy to macro (like that solves something?). Anyway, just spam the action button. The person I know who got the 8 points did it near 5 other people who were also overnight macroing, and I've heard it hypothesized that people being nearby helps it go up... not really sure if that's just conjecture or not. Probably is.

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    Hide and then walk around while hidden. Spamming it doesn't do a thing.

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    Ow please don't macro, you are runing it for the rest of us who acctually want to do something else except spam one button.

    Thanks for caring.

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    I think he just got banned for saying that ! LOL.

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