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Thread: Check the FaQ

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    Check the FaQ

    Hey Guys , Check The FAQ At the main page , Its been updated

    For those that dont know

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    Re: Check the FaQ

    Yes its great, thanks Virtus, good job !

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    Re:Check the FaQ

    woot! go virtus, i'm sure that had to be annoying
    Quote Originally Posted by Luculus View Post
    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.
    Give a man a fishing pole....and he can kill bears with it.

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    Re:Check the FaQ


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    Re:Check the FaQ

    can't wait to tame one of those funny looking bears and maybe mount it if it let me.


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    Re:Check the FaQ

    Nice Work. B)
    [img size=400][/img]

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    Re:Check the FaQ

    26.) Will I be able to loot?

    Yes. There are loot restrictions based on your combat mode and a loot timer in place. Carrying capacity is also limited.
    Loot timer? Hmm interesting. Pretty cool actually; it adds to the adrenaline rush on top of the paranoia of someone coming to kill you. :S

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    Re:Check the FaQ

    33.) How many skills are there?

    Currently 50 total. New skills will be added over time.

    Can we get a skill list please? I think that could hold me over the 1 whole day before I may or may not have access to the game.

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    Re:Check the FaQ

    Holy crap, the dev team responds fast to FAQ. I asked the following like 20 minutes ago and already got a response:

    Yes, that was a mistake and should have been corrected. You are allowed a set number of pets (right now it's quite large, but it might be limited with further testing), but only 2 can follow you at the moment. We will test this further before we come to a final decision on number of pets that can follow you at one time.

    Thanks for the question.

    The Notorious Games Team

    Name: Nezabyte
    If a player can have infinite pets, is there a set number that can follow you around? Otherwise a player could have their own personal pvp army.

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