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    Can you build in other tribes?

    As an architect I hope that i would be able to sell my services to other tribes but not sure how the permissions work. is it possible for a tribe to allow you to build on their property? (obviously without being a member of their tribe)

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    As far as I know this is not possible.

    The tribe leader can enable terraforming and building for certain ranks of his tribe but there is no switch to allow non-tribe members to terraform and to build.

    I believe you will have to join the tribe in question to terraform or build for them.
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    well.. that just sucks! i think the devs should give this some attention. it should be possible for any skilled player to offer those skills to other tribes in echange for goods or their service in return. =)

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    I wanted to suggest you join the tribe and help them, but I really doubt many tribes just invite a player and give him the ranks to terraform and build. It is however right now the only way.

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