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    running and jumping skill question

    Do running and jumping skill make you faster as in run faster and jump faster?

    I ask because while doing some pvp the guy i was fighting out ran a group of people moving so fast he was out of sight before i could even cross the distance of my land "9 member band"

    Claiming he had 99 run and jump..
    Is this possible with game mechanics? seems like the need for mounts would not exist other then hauling needs

    No video or anything but if it appears to be a exploit ill report to a guide next time i see it.

    I my self have 90 agi 90 endurance but only at 30+ running 20 in jumping but still move at the same speed as character creation but there is a big difference between 30 and 99

    Im not going to be dropping names so Dont ask i just want to know + not wanting to waste a guides time if its possible to move at high speeds like this

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    He might have also been sprinting - on Sunday I saw a ton of folks moving pretty fast. But it's also hard to tell with the lag making me feel like I'm moving backwards.

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    afaik it just reduces the energy use

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    yes he was sprinting i can tell by the arms flailing around lol but as were we

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    if he was sprinting considerable faster than you then it might have been a speedhack.

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    Let the hackusations begin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumpshot View Post
    Let the hackusations begin...
    was wondering how long it would take before those got going here, and here we are.

    Jar of Dirt

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    it was probably 420, we all know they cheat.

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