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    Crafting Suggestions

    Alright, I got a few things I think I need to say on crafting.

    First off I gotta speak on how I want to make sure the crafting makes the game feel solid. Then I wanna state some crafting type ideas.

    Most games have crafting overly simple, you get resources and spend 1 click to make the item.... over... and over... and over.... And this makes items feel like trash. Weapons are even done this way, and make it feel so cheap and pathetic.

    So, I want to make sure, through voicing my opinion since we can't really know how the system works, that we have a more difficult and time consuming crafting system. If it is this way, this is my support, if not, this is what I think is necessary.

    What we need is like, more complex items, taking time to make and needing a lot of extra things made to make it. I think making a bundle of pointy sticks should be quick and easy, but to craft a metal sword should take a nice long time, even for one.

    This game is less of a respawn and hunt who killed you type of game, and thus weapons should take longer so they feel more important. The higher the technology and power of a weapon, the more it needs in order to be made, both time, resource, and component wise.

    Now, that's my opinion on the crafting system itself, and so, since I don't want to make more useless posts, I will put more crafting ideas that I think would be fun!

    With food and decay, we need a way to make food last longer. So I suggest more food recipes such as combining such as honey and fruits to preserve them longer at the expense of nutrients. So preserved foods would fill less health but lasts longer and makes it easier to store for long times.

    Candied, pickled, dried, smoked, ect. I think having preserved foods would let tribes operate a lot more interestingly and take longer journeys for resources.

    Free Base Weapon Creation - rather than just being set recipes, I think it'd be nice to set together a group of ingredients, such as components and parts, in an effort to create a recipe and new item.

    The game may be planned like this, hard to find out, and possibly with these ideas, and I hope it is, but if not, then here's my 2 cents into crafting and what I look for.

    Even if not like this, I bet Xsyon will have a killer crafting system anyways.

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    Re:Crafting Suggestions

    True, crafting in most games is too simple, instead of actaully making the process of creating an item a challenge the devs just think that by adding more component items complexity is increased.

    I would like to see the crafting processes work in real time. Imagine a graph with various parameters represented by lines that extend across the screen over time. The goal is to keep those lines within certain bounds or to make them change up or down at certain rates by adding components at the proper time.

    Still, having said that I am not sure where skilled crafting stands in regards to Xsyon as the devs have stated it is not a gear based game where better gear makes your character significantly more powerful. So I assume this strategy will hold for food buffs as well. Better item durability is not all that compelling for crafters to spend time improving. Dying items is nice but not essential to tribal survival.

    I suspect most crafting activities will eventually be orientated towards buildings or items for use in tribal quests / events, etc. That would be a real change from what exists.

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    Re:Crafting Suggestions

    The more complex, not difficult, but intelligent the crafting system is, the more appealing it is to me. So for sword-making, the components might be the blade, guard, hilt and sheath. The process is not just one of materials, but quality of materials that lends to better damage, balance, weight, durability.

    And speaking of durability, I trust that there is a durability element with every good made.

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