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    3 recipes in one go

    I started skilling weaponcrafting, made 4 bats and after 4th I got 3 nice recipees at once. Is this common to get multiple recipees at once? In all other crafts I was only getting one at a time.

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    seems balanced to me in my opinion... most crafts don't require as many "rare" materials from the get go.

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    Never seen this happen, but I don't doubt it... although wish it would happen to me!

    Quick question - were you crafting during lag though?

    I've seen "You have already scavenged," "there's nothing to find," and "you found some shit" all appear at the same time while scavenging during massive lag.

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    No lag, most stable period of game I ever saw. But 3 things (2 axes very usable items) to appear at once after only 4 bats being made is amazing for me.

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    I've been lucky enough to get two tailoring recipes in one ( failed ) craft before, but never three. It's not so far-fetched that you'd gain multiple recipes, rapidly, due to skill level / recipes available to you.

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    There are some default recipes when you reach a skill level in crafting--in this case lvl 25. They don't appear exactly at the level anymore, but at some random point after that. Presumably, this is to keep characters with no recipes from using the level skill gains to get recipes where they have none. These recipes include the non-set helmets (Apprentice Cloth/Leather/Bone/Grass Helm), light and heavy grass plates, and several weapon recipes.

    The OP had reached the point where he'd gained these default recipes. Weapon and armor crafters should see these multiple recipe gains. I haven't heard of this in tool crafting and do not know if this happens in Architecture.


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    Never heard of this noor seen it for my self.

    But if there is no real limit in how many recipes you can discover at once, then maybe is viable. Maybe you got 10% chance for the first 5% for the second and 3% for the third in one go.. It's a guess, nothing is confirmed..

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    I saw this with weaponcrafting last night also. I had 4 recipes and on one attempt I jumped up to 7 (although nothing good). My weaponcrafting was at 5... so not like I had hit 25.

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