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    24 Recipes - Non after 50 what about you?

    there are 52 recipes listed.. now some could have been taken out..
    But i doubt they took out 28 recipes...

    Now it could be possible they need to be scavanged...

    I got 72 and counting and not a single one since 50.

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    Could you list the ones you DO have?

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    I seem to have stopped getting tool crafter recipes (not my chosen craft) and I'm not quite to 50 yet. Either that, or it has seriously slowed down. I think I have everything I need, but I was wondering earlier what happened.
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    I have 54 Toolcrafting so far and have not received a recipe since about 44. Odd.

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    40 Architecture and only 12 recipes so far. Built and dismantled quite a few fences/buildings recently but no new recipes whatsoever... Almost seems like an invisible barrier to me.

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    Started with 25 Architecture and the following recipies

    -=Architecture Posts=-
    Yakid Stone Post
    Yakitil Stone Corner Post
    Gelenkun Stone Post
    Lenkun Stone Corner Post

    -=Architecture Walls=-
    Spiked Log Wall
    Sheet Metal Wall
    Rough Branch Barricade
    Branch Barricade
    Limestone Wall

    Currently 39 Architecture and have gained the following so far:

    -=Architecture Rooms=-
    Migiyi Seer Teepee

    -=Architecture Tents=-
    Detumu Chief Tent
    Asdim Metal Tent
    Meki Box Tent

    -=Architecture Walls=-
    Pioneer Log Wall II

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    i'm having the same issue. i'm building my fanny off, but no recipes. If when my skill goes up. I used to get this little tingly feeling when I was about to level up, cause it might mean a new recipe. Well, no tingly feeling anymore, just a feeling of despair. However, the tribe needs an architect, so I keep plodding along. If anyone does find the secret, please share.

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    It may be because we are all grinding on rough branch or regular branch barricades(or I assume that is the case). Anyone spent any serious time building limestone or metal walls? Maybe there are crafting"trees" that only give certain recipes building certain types of structures.

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    I've built 16 limestone walls , 26 corner posts ,and close to 100 branch barricades ,along with tents in other stuff all I have is the same recipes I see everyone else with

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    My first question would be what are your stats? As in, mostly Intellect and some in Spirit. If your Intellect is slow (effects all crafts 2ndarily and Architecture Primarily), it might be gimping your learning processes.
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