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    Differents qualities

    Hello i don't know what is better between differents qualitities of a same tool.

    If someone can wrote the list from less to high it will be great.

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    Generaly its Foragers -> Scrappers -> Trappers -> Pioneers, in order of worst to best.

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    ^ What that guy said.

    Although this more seems to just reflect the main resource used in the making of the tool. Not sure if what effect that has, not sure we will know until/unless they turn tooltips back on.

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    If one had to guess, I would assume it would be the rate of decay. And I imagine that this would extend to other crafts, as well -- using Scrapper's tools would create items of low quality and quick decay, while Pioneer Craft items would be of superior / pristine / ultimate quality.

    For the short time the tooltips were enabled, there were a lot of different quality items, so it only stands to reason that the tools used would determine the items quality. However, there's no current way for me to test this, so this is all just assumption and guess work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akraxeus View Post
    Generaly its Foragers -> Scrappers -> Trappers -> Pioneers, in order of worst to best.
    I got a Master Chisel recipe

    Also got some recipes without any prefix, don't know where they are on the quality ranking...

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    Tribe mate of mine has a masters chisel for each quality...Master Foragers/Scrappers/Trappers/Pioneer Chisel but is unable to obtain any other master quality tools. Are they not it game or has someone else been able to learn another?

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    I think Master Chisel is just the name of the tool.

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