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    No tools... how to proceed?

    I logged in for the first time and started wondering around. I got killed a couple times and everything I started with was taken. I literally have nothing. How do I get going in the game? I've found a spot I'd like to stay at, but I have no clue how to get going with absolutely no tools, nor do I know how to make hammers or pliers or useful stuff like that.

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    In this case I can advise remembering your desired location well enough, so you can reroll (get your tools etc. back) and get back to the location of your choice. You will need some storage on your land though, otherwise you might lose it all again.

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    Scavange a bit, once you find somehing trade it against some basic tools. You will need baskets first so you can store stuff, look me up ingame for some baskets in advance. I can also give you any starter tool you might need as well. Hell, just come to 823 and settle close to me and I'll give you anything spare I have

    Not kidding. Here is what you do. Find 4 branches or short log (carried on your back) and bring them to me and I'll give you 4 pouches, backpack and 2 large bins so you can get started. Each time you bring me 4 branches or short log I'll give you a tool you want (only not saw). Deal?

    /w PlagueBlack

    You can always pay me later with some scavanged junk you find.

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    Reroll in a different area. Then run like hell away from starter area. Drop a homestead on top of some junk, and get to work.

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    Your options are:

    1. Reroll - which likely will get killed again and lose everything again
    2. Learn to survive, scavenge items to trade or kill others for stuff
    3. Join a tribe
    --~@ SONNE @~--~@ Treebeard @~--

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