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    anyone scavenged a arch recipe?

    I am at skill 50 now, I have all rooms, tents except 1, walls and posts.. but I havent gotten any canopy's fences or huts.

    has anyone found a recipe? the people in my tribe have found plenty of them, just none for architect. just wondering why I am not getting any things in different categories.

    I am grinding on branch barricades.. posts.. and limestone walls (not grinding on those just building the fort)

    just wondering if I will need recipes to get into the new class of buildings? anyone have any thoughts?

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    Some have said that architecture recipes are only found with 90+ scavenging. Me? I have my doubts about that as we have a number of 90+ scavengers and have yet to turn up a single architecture recipe. My thinking is that they either cannot be found, or they disabled some of the architecture recipes like the fences and canopies.

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    i never heard of any arch recipes ever found . Never

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    im at 99 and never found 1.

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    I have 99 scavenging right now, and have not found 1 architecture recipe, same with the rest of my tribe or anyone we've asked.

    The same is true for any basket/pouch recipes too though, and people apparently have found those so it could be just really hard to find.

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    Hit 100 last night and did a few hundred scavenges, nothing out of the ordinary. Sort of disappointed that 100 scav seems offer nothing over 99... especially considering how long it takes to go from 99 to 100.

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