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    22/3 Confirmed Recipe List, Total: 124

    Finally decided to open a new thread.
    I grind Forager's Punch only and I am Lv21. So far I get 124 of them.
    Thanks for all the help. Try to do the weapon tab now.

    Total: 124 (??? is nothing yes)

    Angler's Rod
    Bone Needle
    Bone Pins
    Bonehandle Trowel
    Carpenter's Square
    Crafter's Rule
    Forager's Awl
    Forager's Bevel
    Forager's Chalk
    Forager's Chisel
    Forager's Craft Knife
    Forager's Drill
    Forager's Hammer
    Forager's Lasher
    Forager's Mallet
    Forager's Master Chisel
    Forager's Paddle
    Forager's Paintbrush
    Forager's Planer
    Forager's Pliers
    Forager's Pressing Board
    Forager's Punch
    Forager's Saw
    Forager's Scraper
    Forager's Screwdriver
    Forager's Seam Roll
    Forager's Shears
    Forager's Tongs
    Forager's Weaver
    Forager's Wrench
    Leathercraft Detailer
    Leathercraft Flatblade
    Leathercraft Roller
    Leathercraft Slicer
    Metal Needle
    Metal Pins
    Metal Stake
    Metallic Mortar & Pestle
    Pioneer's Awl
    Pioneer's Bevel
    Pioneer's Bucket
    Pioneer's Chisel
    Pioneer's Craft Knife
    Pioneer's Drill
    Pioneer's Hammer
    Pioneer's Lasher
    Pioneer's Mallet
    Pioneer's Master Chisel
    Pioneer's Paddle
    Pioneer's Paintbrush
    Pioneer's Planer
    Pioneer's Pliers
    Pioneer's Pressing Board
    Pioneer's Punch
    Pioneer's Saw
    Pioneer's Scraper
    Pioneer's Screwdriver
    Pioneer's Seam Roll
    Pioneer's Shears
    Pioneer's Tongs
    Pioneer's Weaver
    Pioneer's Wrench
    Scavenger's Rod
    Scrapper's Awl
    Scrapper's Bevel
    Scrapper's Bucket
    Scrapper's Chisel
    Scrapper's Craft Knife
    Scrapper's Drill
    Scrapper's Hammer
    Scrapper's Lasher
    Scrapper's Mallet
    Scrappers Master Chisel (not my typo)
    Scrapper's Mortar & Pestle
    Scrapper's Paddle
    Scrapper's Paintbrush
    Scrapper's Planer
    Scrapper's Pliers
    Scrapper's Pressing Board
    Scrapper's Punch
    Scrapper's Saw
    Scrapper's Scraper
    Scrapper's Screwdriver
    Scrapper's Seam Roll
    Scrapper's Shears
    Scrapper's Tongs
    Scrapper's Trowel
    Scrapper's Weaver
    Scrapper's Wrench
    Stone Mortar & Pestle
    Stone Needle
    Stonehandle Trowel
    Trapper's Awl
    Trapper's Bevel
    Trapper's Bucket
    Trapper's Chalk
    Trapper's Chisel
    Trapper's Craft Knife
    Trapper's Drill
    Trapper's Hammer
    Trapper's Lasher
    Trapper's Mallet
    Trapper's Master Chisel
    Trapper's Paddle
    Trapper's Paintbrush
    Trapper's Planer
    Trapper's Pliers
    Trapper's Pressing Board
    Trapper's Punch
    Trapper's Saw
    Trapper's Scraper
    Trapper's Screwdriver
    Trapper's Seam Roll
    Trapper's Shears
    Trapper's Tongs
    Trapper's Weaver
    Trapper's Wrench
    Twig Pins
    Wood Mortar & Pestle
    Wooden Needle
    Wooden Pins
    Wooden Ruler
    Wooden Yardstick
    Woodhandle Trowel

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    Just confirming this matches my list at lvl 54 skill.

    No trans fat. Product may contain peanuts or other nuts.
    In rare cases some side affects have been known. These include but may not be limited to: Flatulence, Diarrhea, Upset Stomach, Nausea, Kidney Failure, Radiation Poisoning, Headaches, Migraines, Brain Tumors, Shortness of Breath, Drowsiness, Seizures, Dirty Fingers, Dirty Toes, Pimples, Acne, Loose Teeth, Gingivitis, Tuberculosis, Gangrene, Gout, and others.

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    Update: Recipe: Bonehandle Trowel = Product: Forager's Trowel

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    Level 58 skill and same 124 list.

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Mar 2011
    i am only at lvl 43 but i have 3 master tools i can make.
    But havent gained no new tools the laast 200 tools i made.
    Cant tell you which i got because i am at work

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    If the total is 124, then the only "master" tool in the current game is the master chisel. IMO the master chisel is not any master tool, its just a tool called master chisel.

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    Lvl 27 toolcrafter and I got them all. It is 124 items.

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    I stopped getting recipes at lvl 42 and am now 55.

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Ontario Canada!
    having same problem as person above.. real fustrating.. im at 37 recipe's <29/37 being forager> wanting paddle.. but at lvl 61 skill now and havnt seen an inspire since oh, around 40... 81 intel full food/water/several relogs....

    YARRRR not fun!

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