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    I question my pre order

    I had changed my E-mail a month ago to a new one due to e mails of getting my passwords and things, i changed my e mail on my account info but when i pre-ordered Xsyon i used my old e mail, i PM virtus about it and it said it has been changed but idk i got a feeling that my accpetance into early play is in my old e mail account

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    Re: I question my pre order

    If you didn't preorder way before March/Feb then there's probably no email for ya.

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    Re:I question my pre order

    ooh is that right? i pre ordered march 8

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    Re:I question my pre order

    yeah, he's right. I pre-ordered Feb 26th and have not received an email. Xsyon did say they were going to slowly let players in.

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