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    Exclamation Help on Set Gathering info

    Hi i started to gather Set info of proffessions like Tailoring, where i already posted the first 3 sets i recived.

    If anyone else wants to help expand info on sets, i would apreaciate it, if you send me required info as described on my website, il make sure that under every set i get full info il write down the senders name for his contribution.

    Im looking for all Proffessions where Sets are posible.
    Use the link to check out my first 3 Tailoring posts by clicking, "Tailoring - Click Me" link on the site here:


    Regards Shinsei

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    Heya! I just got to 86 LC recently, once the server is back up I'll check out what sets are available with screenshots etc

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    It would be fantastic if you guys would add info to the

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