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    Updated: Now a total of 19 sets including all four rank 70

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    wow great job! Thanks for doing female and male shots as well, hopefully we will see the same quality screenshots some time soon for other crafts as well

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    Great post, thank you ! I so wish that the female dresses were nicer, lol.

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    Great post, very nice and well lit shots, I wish others would do photo's like this for their crafts would make it much better to get an idea of what's available.

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    Added 3 more sets to the first post, including south camp and castle rock sets (rank70).

    Working on getting the rest of the sets but due to lack of teeth some sets are a pain. Also found a couple of bugged pieces from 2 sets which kept me from posting their pictures, hopefully fixed soon.

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    damn dude, very well done.

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    Very Nice work, thank you for taking the time to share your works with the community.

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    New Update: 5 more sets added to a total of 19, including all four rank70.
    Also, I reorganized the pictures by rank.

    The new backgrounds arent as good, with the snow gone it goes my white background

    I will probably redo all the female pictures with higher quality ones, maybe next week or so.

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    minden seems to be missing here. I will add screenshots for you if you don't complete and add first.

    "Here to help the community, save the newbs, save the game!" - Creator

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    missing dawgot the dawgot kitty costume, will post it when im home

    missing dawgot the dawgot kitty costume, will post it when im home

    Added after 3 Hours 7 minutes:

    dawgot attached
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